Way back in the 'aughts when Britney ruled the airwaves and Michael Jackson was still alive, I learned of a grand invention (which apparently had been around since the beginning of time) called the Big Green Egg(BGE).  The BGE is a ceramic style cooker known most prominently for its ability to dual function as both a high heat grill/baker and a "low-n-slow" smoker.  As I have come to learn, the possibilities with the BGE are endless.

Fast forward to the end of the decade. MJ and Britney are both gone (Britney is dead to me) and I am now gainfully employed and money is burning a hole in my pocket.  I decide, against the wishes of my better half(MBH), that I need one of these bad boys and I need it now.  So, I put away some of my money (MBH corrects me "our money") and began the shopping process.  In the spirit of instant gratification, the search was brief.  Shortly after Thanksgiving, I pulled the trigger and bought myself a large BGE.

After purchase of the BGE and one successful cook after another, I became hooked.  I decided that I needed a space to document my adventures ("our adventures"-MBH) with the BGE.  I will use this blog as an archive of my stories, techniques, and lessons learned as I go.  Feel free to comment, share tips, and ask questions. I will attempt to illustrate all of my stories and cooks with pictures but be warned I usually take the pictures with my iPhone. 

Let's begin...