ABTs - Atomic Buffalo Turds
BGE - Big Green Egg
BHFM - Buford highway Farmers Market
DP- Dizzy Pig brand rubs
FFIL - MBH's dad aka my Future Father-In-Law
FIL - Father-In-Law (formerly FFIL)
MBH - My Better Half
NYD - New Year's Day
NYE - New Year's Eve

Eggesize- to optimize a food by cooking it on the BGE
Egghead- One who is obbsesed with eggin'. (Here is a link to the egghead forums.)
The Itch - desire from deep within to cook a massive piece of animal flesh for long time
The Itis - that tired feeling you get when you bombard your stomach with filling foods
Lambda Rack - inverted V-rack
Plate Setter- Large ceramic plate with legs used for cooking with indierct heat
V-Rack - roasting rack that resembles a "V"