Monday, March 5, 2012

Grilled Fish, Oscar Style

A delayed post due to being overly busy the last couple weeks but we did the normal dining in for Valentine's Day and decided to go with some egged fish oscar style with grilled asparagus.

I cleaned the salmon and mahi and dusted with some DP Ragin River rub.  I placed them on the soaked alder plank that I had also coated with a bit of olive oil.

I placed the surprisingly huge asparagus on a soaked cedar plank and sprinkled with olive oil salt and pepper.

Meanwhile MBH made the oscar style sauce using Bearnaise mix, a Pound of crab meat, and some onions and garlic.


I preheated the egg to 400ยบ and put the asparagus on for 20 minutes to get them started.  After the initial 20 minutes I added the raised grid and place the fish on top for an additional 20 minutes until it flaked apart when I pulled it with a fork.

The fish was perfect.  The mahi was suspiciously fishy smelling but tasted fine.  The sauce added great flavor to the whole meal (I put it on everything on my plate it was so good). It was a great Valentine's meal.