Friday, February 10, 2012

Venison Backstrap Medallions

A few months back I received a very nice gift from a friend.  He had recently killed a deer and had the meat butchered.  He gave me some spicy deer sausage, a roast, and the backstrap.  I froze all of them with intentions of egging each at some point.  I was most excited about the backstrap as it is the filet mignon of the deer.  I knew MBH and I would have no chance conquering this thing on our own so we had a few friends over to enjoy it with us.  Not surprisingly, the guys dove right in and loved it while all of the girls had their reservations.

I cut the venison backstrap into 2" thick medallions size pieces and placed them in a container with Italian dressing to marinade overnight in the fridge.  About an hour before I was ready to cook them, I pulled them out of the fridge and wrapped them in thin cut bacon using toothpicks to secure it.  I let the medallions rest for a while to come up to around room temperature before taking them to the BGE.
Italian dressing bath.
Bacon-wrapped and resting.

I had just cooked some cheesy bread at high temps so I closed the vents and allowed the egg to return to about 400º.  I put the medallions on direct for about 10 minutes per side until the internal temperature had reached 130º.  I pulled them off and gave them a couple minutes to rest before serving.

These were very good.  Venison is a typically dry meat that is very difficult to cook correctly.  Cooking them to 130º internal left them moist and tender.  I was very surprised with how they came out.  If I ever get my hands on more venison backstrap I will be sure to try this again.

Look at those grill marks!

I egged a lot of food this same night including the cheesy bread concoction shown below.  I rested and stretched the dough brushing on some melted butter.  I added Italian and cheddar cheeses as well as some dried basil and garlic salt. I cooked it as I normally cook pizzas and it went quickly.  It was a very simple and tasty appetizer.

You can never have enough cheese. 
Forgot to take an after pic in all the fun and excitement.