Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Big Green Egg Pizza

Had a craving for some pizza this week and had recently read some tips on achieving the ultimate thin crust.  We are huge fans of thin crust pizzas so naturally we had to give this one a go.  MBH did the shopping and found some wheat pizza dough at Publix. We got some fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, prosciutto, basil, and oregano for toppings.  We made the same sauce we have used in the past minus the sugar (I wasn't a huge fan of the sweet sauce).

I let the dough rest for a while on some lightly floured parchment paper.  Using the tips I had recently read, I placed Saran wrap on top and rolled the dough out.  This worked perfectly and I was able to get the dough as thin as I desired.  I think I could make 3 thin crust pizzas out of one dough ball.  I cut this one in two and one of the pizzas was huge.

I cooked the pizzas at 500º for about 12-15 minutes each with the larger taking just a bit longer.  I cooked them on the parchment paper on the stone until they were close to being done and then removed the parchment to finish off the crust directly on the stone. The setup was the same as I have used in the past.

Best pizzas I have made to date.  Not much else to be said.

Bonus:Here is a picture of some chicken and veggies we did using some newly acquired flexible skewers.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Grilled Fish, Oscar Style

A delayed post due to being overly busy the last couple weeks but we did the normal dining in for Valentine's Day and decided to go with some egged fish oscar style with grilled asparagus.

I cleaned the salmon and mahi and dusted with some DP Ragin River rub.  I placed them on the soaked alder plank that I had also coated with a bit of olive oil.

I placed the surprisingly huge asparagus on a soaked cedar plank and sprinkled with olive oil salt and pepper.

Meanwhile MBH made the oscar style sauce using Bearnaise mix, a Pound of crab meat, and some onions and garlic.


I preheated the egg to 400º and put the asparagus on for 20 minutes to get them started.  After the initial 20 minutes I added the raised grid and place the fish on top for an additional 20 minutes until it flaked apart when I pulled it with a fork.

The fish was perfect.  The mahi was suspiciously fishy smelling but tasted fine.  The sauce added great flavor to the whole meal (I put it on everything on my plate it was so good). It was a great Valentine's meal.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Venison Backstrap Medallions

A few months back I received a very nice gift from a friend.  He had recently killed a deer and had the meat butchered.  He gave me some spicy deer sausage, a roast, and the backstrap.  I froze all of them with intentions of egging each at some point.  I was most excited about the backstrap as it is the filet mignon of the deer.  I knew MBH and I would have no chance conquering this thing on our own so we had a few friends over to enjoy it with us.  Not surprisingly, the guys dove right in and loved it while all of the girls had their reservations.

I cut the venison backstrap into 2" thick medallions size pieces and placed them in a container with Italian dressing to marinade overnight in the fridge.  About an hour before I was ready to cook them, I pulled them out of the fridge and wrapped them in thin cut bacon using toothpicks to secure it.  I let the medallions rest for a while to come up to around room temperature before taking them to the BGE.
Italian dressing bath.
Bacon-wrapped and resting.

I had just cooked some cheesy bread at high temps so I closed the vents and allowed the egg to return to about 400º.  I put the medallions on direct for about 10 minutes per side until the internal temperature had reached 130º.  I pulled them off and gave them a couple minutes to rest before serving.

These were very good.  Venison is a typically dry meat that is very difficult to cook correctly.  Cooking them to 130º internal left them moist and tender.  I was very surprised with how they came out.  If I ever get my hands on more venison backstrap I will be sure to try this again.

Look at those grill marks!

I egged a lot of food this same night including the cheesy bread concoction shown below.  I rested and stretched the dough brushing on some melted butter.  I added Italian and cheddar cheeses as well as some dried basil and garlic salt. I cooked it as I normally cook pizzas and it went quickly.  It was a very simple and tasty appetizer.

You can never have enough cheese. 
Forgot to take an after pic in all the fun and excitement.