Monday, October 24, 2011

More Pizza

The other night, MBH said the magic words that are music to my ears "Can you cook tonight?"  Of course the answer to this question is always yes and then she said the second greatest words I had heard all day. "I'm craving pizza."  I love making pizza and actually just got a new rolling pin especially for pizza cooking.  I have been trying to get my pizzas thinner recently so I was excited for my first rolling experience.  I got a dough ball and some other ingredients from Publix and headed home to prep.

A problem I have had in the past with Publix's dough is getting it to stretch thin without bouncing back to a thicker, ball-shape (this could just be because I am using cheap dough from Publix but I have been too lazy to make my own recently).  One possible solution I have read is letting the dough get to room temperature before stretching.  As soon as I got home from Publix I cut the dough in half and left it out to rise and warm.  However, I was only able to wait an hour and a half before I was too hungry to wait any longer and the dough was still cool.  My room temperature experiment will have to wait til next time.  I stretched the dough as well as I could, rolled it out, and added the toppings.  On one I spread wing sauce, cheddar cheese, and cubed chicken.  On the other was store-bought pizza sauce, mozzarella, oregano, and basil.

These were the best looking pies I have stretched but I know I can do better.
Lookin good.

I used my standard pizza setup and got the egg up to 600º.  I threw one pizza on at a time for about 12 minutes each.  I started the za's on parchment paper and moved them directly to pizza stone to crisp the crust.  I kept an eye on the pizzas through the top of the egg.

Keeping an eye on the buffalo chicken pizza.

The pizzas were good as normal but these had their issues.  In the process of rolling these pizzas out, I used all purpose flour to avoid sticking.  However when I went to cook these they did not brown as expected due to the flour on the crust.  Also the crust had a flour taste when eating.  I also got a bit excited and did not let the crust get as crisp as I usually do.  My timing was consistent with past cooks but I think the extra flour contributed to this issue. Besides for this, the pizza was good, not my best, but good. 

I drizzled some ranch on the buffalo pizza. mmmmmmmm
Not the best crust.
I am going to have to up my game for the next pizza cook.

Bonus picture of where I spent the weekend, be jealous.