Monday, October 10, 2011

Fish Tacos

I have an odd obsession with fish tacos.  I am always intrigued about how such a simple concept could lead to such a tasty meal.  I had never made my own fish tacos and came up with a very simple recipe I wanted to try out.  My goal setting out was to make my tacos as simple as possible.  I picked up some huge talapia fillets (each was a half pound) and set off to make some magic.

I used a purchased blackening season to liberally cover both sides of the fillets.  MBH prepped some Asian slaw and I made a chipotle mayo by combining peppercorn olive oil based mayo with some chipotle garlic hot sauce and set it all off to the side.

My plan was to cook the fish on the pan to avoid losing any part of the fillets in the grill.

I set the egg up for direct cooking at 400º with the grill extender to raise the cooking level away from the lump and threw on a halved onion and red pepper lightly sprayed with olive oil.  I let them cook for about 20 minutes before adding the fish to the mix.

I love grilled onions and peppers.

I let the fish get in on the action too.
I let the fish cook 7 minutes before flipping it and doing the same for the other side.  I left the onion and pepper on during this time as well. After the fish was done, I warmed up some tortillas on the egg.

The tacos consisted of the blackened fish, Asian slaw, grilled onions and peppers, and a little of the chiptole mayo.  The tacos were very good.  They we quite spicy which is preffered by MBH and me.  The cook was very quick and simple.  The tacos were excellent.  The thing I liked most about this cook were the endless possibilities for toppings with the fish tacos.  I will have to come up with something creative for the next attempt.  All in all a very good weeknight meal.

The finished fish had quite the kick and melted in your mouth.
I love me some tacos!