Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Good 'ole Fashioned Bugers

I regretfully missed the first week of college football due to going off the grid and camping out for the Atlanta Nascar race a couple weekends ago.  Therefore this past Saturday weekend was my opportunity to catch up on all things football.  I forewarned MBH that I would most likely be in front of some form of tv taking in as much football as I could possibly handle.  I would like to believe that I accomplished my goal as I don't think I missed a single televised game.  Saturday night I decided to do a bit of grilling to celebrate the day's games and prep for the 7pm Tech game.  I have been craving a good ole fashioned burger and quickly convinced MBH that she wanted them too.

I mixed some store-bought 80/20 grass fed ground beef (still waiting to get my meat grinder so that I can grind my own burgers) with chopped onions, Worcestershire, and salt and pepper in a large bowl and formed 5 burgers.  I covered them liberally in Weber's New Orleans Cajun rub and set them aside.  I also soaked some corn in the husk for about thirty minutes while the girls fried up some bacon, sauteed some onions, and made mac and cheese.

Make sure to indent the center of the burgers
to keep them from shrinking inward.
I usually soak the corn for 30 minutes
or however long it takes the egg to get to temp.

A little olive oil and Tony's Chachere's on the corn
and everyone is ready for the grill.

I preheated the BGE to 400 and placed the corn directly on the grate first for about 5 minutes before putting the burgers on.  I kept and eye on the burgers flipping once after about 8 minutes and again after another 8 minutes before applying cheese.  I put some chipotle Gouda on my burger and some American on one for a friend that was dining with us.

During the cook it must be noted that I missed absolutely no football due to my new outdoor tv setup.  I built a small table to match the BGE table for a tv to sit on and use a cheap tube tv with a grill cover to protect it from the elements. Conveniently, the table just happens to be the right size for the small egg I hope to get in the future (shhh don't tell MBH).

My new outdoor tv setup in all its glory.

Everybody get on the grill while I sit here and watch some football.

Toasted some buns and we were ready to serve.

Interestingly enough, MBH, myself, and our guest had partaken in a little bit of drinking before this meal and in turn we ended up with a feast.  The old fashioned burgers hit the spot.  I added some sauteed onions and bacon to mine along with a little mayo and ketchup.  Along with the burgers and corn we had a wedge salad with blue cheese crumbles, dressing, and bacon along with some mac and cheese MBH was craving.  No man woman or child was left hungry and we enjoyed watching GT roll on to an easy victory over MTSU.

What a feast!
(That is my burger under the pile of onions.)