Monday, September 12, 2011

Alder Planked Salmon Fillets

I recently drafted one of my fantasy football leagues and a buddy and I decided we should be in the same room to do it so that we could srategerize (it turned out we were just in the same room to make fun of each others picks more quickly than we would have over the interwebs).  For the festivities I offered to throw something on the egg for a pre-draft meal.  We invited his fiance too so that Megan would have something to do during the draft (gab about wedding stuff while we were trying to focus). I grabbed two salmon fillets from BHFM for the occasion with plans to plank cook them.

I began soaking an alder plank in water for an hour.  I trimmed all of the skin and dark fatty meat from the fillets (the dark fatty meat has a strong fishy smell that can overtake the flavor of the fish).

Great color on these filets.
I seasoned the fishies with DP Ragin River Rub and set them aside until the grill was ready.

Seasoned and ready for the grill.

I set the BGE up for direct cooking at 400º and placed the soaked alder plank on to preheat for about 5 minutes.

That BGE logo probably doubled the cost of this particular plank. 
After 5 minutes of preheating, I flipped the plank and brushed on some EVOO.  I placed the salmon on the plank and closed the lid letting them cook for about 15 minutes.

Gettin happy.
After 15 minutes of cooking I sprayed the fish with a butter spray and then brushed on some Italian dressing.  I closed the lid for one more minute before pulling out the plank.

This picture does not do these fish justice. 
They looked amazing when I pulled them off.
I definitely made the right move trimming the fish the way I did.  I had never used Alder wood for cooking and was pleasantly surprised at the flavor it imparted on the fish.  The cooking time was perfect and the fish just melted in my mouth.  I love some good salmon.

A few bites in.
Plated with salad, potato salad, pasta salad, and garlic green beans.