Monday, August 8, 2011

Spatchcock Chicken

I wanted some chicken for the week last week so I decided to spatchcock a chicken.  I picked up a chicken from BHFM and brought it home. I got a little distracted with the MBH in town so I froze the chicken for about a week and recently pulled it out to defrost for about a day and a half. 

I cut the chicken down the back on either side of the backbone cutting through the thin ribs.  I removed the backbone and flipped the chicken over pressing on the breasts to flatten.  I seasoned heavily with DP ragin' river rub.  The chicken was still partially frozen even though I defrosted it for more than a day.  I found three frozen, skinless chicken breasts that I defrosted and seasoned one with DP ragin' river and the other 2 with cavendars.

Adding a good amount of rub helps not only the taste but the crispness of the skin

I set up the egg for direct cooking at 400º and added the raised grate.  I placed the chicken on the raised grate with the breasts and set up the Maverick 732 remote thermometer in the breast of the spatchcock chicken to monitor the temperatures.  I also got a new toy that I used to monitor the chicken breasts.  The Thermapen is an instant read thermometer that digitally measures internal temperatures in about 3 seconds.  It is pretty amazing.

Everybody gettin cozy on the raised grate.

The new thermopen.  It was a cool 90º while cooking at 7:30pm.
(Notice that the Maverick 732 is wearing its rain gear)
I got a bit distracted and cooked the spare skinless breasts too long.  I was monitoring the spatchcock remotely while I was working on my outdoor tv table I am building (yes you read that right) but I left the skinless breasts unattended and cooked them to an internal of 180ºish which is a bit past the 160º I was aiming for.  They were a bit overdone but fine for copping and adding to salad.  The spatchcock was spot on.  Crispy skin and moist meat.  I pulled it when the breast meat hit 160º and the thigh was at 180º. Very delicious.

The best way to eat chicken imo.

Slightly overdone but still tasty.