Monday, July 25, 2011

Sausage Fatties

As soon as I mentioned to MBH that I wanted to make some fatties she told me that we are going to change the name or I was not going to be cooking these things.  So I abided and we soon began calling them sausage rolls (I will refer to them as fatties here since she has nothing to hold over my head anymore).  A fatty is essentially stuffed breakfast sausage rolled into a log.  I decided I was going to do 4 of these bad boys for our guests' brunch after our wedding celebration. I gathered the necessary ingredients and recruited MBH to give me a hand prepping the fatties.  I started them on Wednesday so that they would have time to firm up before I cooked them Friday morning.

I used the publix brand mild sausage since it was on sale.  I emptied a "tube" of sausage into a freezer bag and flattened it until it filled the bag completely.

I got mild sausage since it was on sale. I want to try hot next time I make these.
I next cut down the side of the bag and folded one half of the bag away exposing the sausage.  I stuffed two of them with sharp cheddar cheese, onions, and red and green peppers.  I stuffed the other two with sauteed spinach and feta cheese.

I added the cheese first and then added the onions and peppers.

MBH sauteed the onions and green and red peppers.

While I was working on the first two rolls, MBH prepped the sauteed spinach and onions. 
I added feta to the second two rolls with the spinach and onions.

After getting the stuffings prepared, I used the edges of the bag to roll the sausage carefully.  As I rolled I tucked in the edges so that the sausage resembled a log.  During this process it is important not to over stuff the sausage.  I noticed that the sausage was very thin and fragile toward the outside edges and over stuffing would make this process of rolling very difficult.

Two of the fatties rolled.
While I was rolling the fatties, I tasked MBH with preparing the bacon weave for the outside of the sausage fatties.  I mainly wanted to add this because I have always wanted to add a sausage weave to something but in the end it actually helped hold the raw fatties together better.

What is more American than a bacon weave?!?!

I wrapped the rolls in the weave and then wrapped them in foil.  Make sure you use some olive oil on the tin foil or you will see some sticking of the sausage.  I stored the rolls in the fridge until it was time to cook them.

I cooked the fatties indirect at 250º directly on the grate resting on the platesetter feet up.  I used a drip pan to collect the drippings.  I cooked the fatties for about 3 hours until the internal temperature of the sausage reached 170º.  I used some Jack Daniels barrel chips for some smoke on these bad boys.

After being in the fridge overnight, the fatties really firmed up making them easier to deal with.

About half way thru and they were looking NOM.

Pulled at 170º internal.
I rested the fatties in foil for about an hour then placed them in the fridge until it was time to serve Sunday morning.  I got up early Sunday and placed the fatties in the warming tray to get the internal temperature to just over 120º.  I sliced them and served them with eggs, fruit, and a danish MBH made.

These things were very good.  They had a great smoke ring and went great with the eggs.  I got some great comments and some suggestions about what to stuff a fatty with in the future.  The cheddar fatty had more flavor imo but FIL said the spinach was his favorite.  I think next time I will add some rub to the fatties for even more flavor.  We were only able to eat one of each kind of fatty so I have two in my freezer for later!

Sliced and served.

Cheddar goodness!

The spinach fatties were less messy but still delicious!


  1. This looks like an artery clogging thing of pork beauty!