Friday, July 22, 2011

Crazy Fast Pork Butts

MBH and I have been celebrating our marriage for nearly 2 years now starting with out engagement party and finally wrapping up this past weekend with a large reception type partay.  Since we were going to have a bunch of guests in from out of town we decided to have an event the night before the big event and wanted to have it at a Braves game.  I wanted to show off my cooking skill so I decided to do some butts since I have had great success with them in the past.  My sister and her boyfriend arrived on Thursday so I decided I would do the butts overnight Thursday for the game on Friday.  I started the butts with the intention of cooking them as I had in the past (15 hours at 225º-250º).  However, when I went to pick up my sister and boyfriend we decided to go straight to dinner and then to get drinks.  I thought I had the grill stabilized at 225º but that was not the case.  The butts cooked at nearly 350º (100º more than I usually cook them) and finished in half the time.  Here is the Summary.

I prepared the butts a night earlier using DP Raging river on one and Montreal Steaks pork rub on the other leaving the fat caps intact.  I covered them in Saran wrap and left them in the fridge overnight.

I set the egg up for indirect cooking with the platesetter legs up with a drip pan on the platesetter, and the grate on the legs of the platesetter.  I placed the butts directly on the grate fat cap up.  I thought I had stabilized the egg at 225º but while we were out (nearly 4 hours) the temperature rose to just over 350º at the grate.  I check the temperature of the meat upon our return and noticed that they were around 160º.  I was shooting for 195º internal so I decided it was time to foil them.  I shut down the vents and foiled the butts letting them go for an addition 2 hours.  In this time, the temperature dropped but was still above 275º and my butts had reached my desired internal temperature in 6 hours (usually takes 15).  I had no idea how these were going to turn out but I let them rest then placed them in the fridge.  The next morning I put them in the warming tray to get back to and internal of 150º and then placed them in a cooler to take out to the game.

Everyone still raved about the butts (even FIL).  They were very moist and had an amazing smoke ring (I was not expecting any smoke ring due to the decreased cooking time).  The high heat had also helped to render all of the fat out of the butts so they were nice and lean.  However, the bark did not get as crisp as normal.  I now know that butts can be successfully cooked at increased temperatures but for a great bark it needs to be lower and slower. 

Everyone was hungry and demolished the first butt and nearly 30 hot dogs.

The second butt was bigger and we only got through half of it.  I ate pork all this week.

Served with bullseye bbq sauce which I had never had.  The carolina sauce was the favorite.
(Yes those are bbq nachos happening in the background- lays, pork, and bbq sauce)