Friday, June 3, 2011

Laughing Cow Turkey Burgers

As oxymoronic as the title of this post may sound this was a fun cook that turned out to be simple and delicious.  MBH recently took a fancy to the Hungry Girl brand of cooking healthy.  In one of the HG cook books I recently surprised her with was this tasty little number.  The concept is a take on cheddar stuffed burgers.  Instead of using hundreds of calories worth of cheddar, 80ish calories worth of laughing cow cheese is used to stuff some very lean ground turkey burgers.  Simple yet effective.

The ground turkey was placed in a bowl and marinated with some Worcestershire, black pepper, and garlic salt.  The patties were formed in halves and the laughing cow cheese was spread in the center of one half.  The second half was placed on top and the patty was sealed by joining the edges.  We also sauteed some onions as a topping and the corn we had with our burgers was prepped the same way it was in the previous post.

I set the grill for direct cooking at 400º with the burgers on the direct rack and the corn above them on the grate extender.  I cooked the burgers for about 20-25minutes until the bigger burgers looked done.  I cut the largest burger to check for doneness.  They were a perfect medium.  I let the corn go for an extra 5 minutes after the last burger was off the egg.

Burgers under da kern.

Despite the simplicity this was one of the best batches of burgers I have done on the egg.  I am not usually a big fan of eating the healthier version of foods but I have to say that these were just as tasty as others made with cheddar and beef.  I am now a believer in the Hungry Girl series.  Hey, hungry girls need love too!

Sadly I was under the influence of hunger and this is the only finished pic I got.
Despite the unappetizing cross-section above, these were very good.