Monday, June 13, 2011

Engagement Party

As my new wife and good friend recently pointed out, I use any excuse available to throw a party.  One recent example was the engagement of said good friend.  I thought this was as good of an excuse as any.  I asked said buddy if he had any requests for the party and he mentioned the ABTs I have previously made (posts here and here).  Along with the ABTs I decided to do some kielbasa and something a little different, pigs in a blanket.

I prepped the ABTs as I had done previously and set them to the side for while we prepped the pigs in a blanket.  MBH cut some all beef hot dogs in thirds and wrapped them in crescent roll dough.

I set the grill up for direct cooking at 400º.  This is different than previous ABT cooks as I have done them indirect before.  Because of this, the cheese that was melting out of the ABTs flared up the fire and cooked the ABTs quicker than normal. (I made about 50 of these things so I was constantly flipping them and as soon as I would get done flipping them all, the first few were done) I took them off after about 15 minutes and threw on the turkey kielbasa.  The kielbasa took about 15 minutes and I pulled them off when they looked done.  I then changed the grill setup to match what I usually use for pizza cooking and placed a sheet of parchment paper on top of the pizza stone.  I set the pigs in a blanket directly on the parchment paper and shut the lid. I let them cook for about 30 minutes until the crescent rolls were fully cooked and served them.

I think everything was a huge success and we didn't have any food left over so I felt good.  I would change back to cooking the ABTs indirect and avoid the mess of the cheese melting and flaring the fire up.  I would also continue to use a full piece of bacon on each ABT.  I tried using half a piece on a few and they were more prone to fall apart.  The kielbasa and pigs in a blanket were great as I did them and i wouldn't change anything.

Plate of ABTs after a few had already been grabbed.

Kielbasa gettin happy.

The pigs going on.
(I guess they should not be pigs in a blanket if they are beef hot dogs... oh well)

Time for your close-up little one.