Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Eggin' Abroad: Charbroiled Oysters

Let me preface this by saying this was by far my favorite cook so far.  I have been thinking about this cook constantly since my last visit to Drago's Seafood Restaurant.  As I discussed in the Drago's restaurant review post, I have been itching to try my hand at their famous charbroiled oysters.  The only thing stopping me to this point was the lack of oysters to be found in the Atlanta area.  So on a recent trip to NOLA with MBH, I jumped at the opportunity to cook some of these with my 'rents on my dad's BGE.

My mom headed out to get the oysters and returned with a few containers full of oysters and the metal trays used to make stuffed crab.  The trays were used to replace the oyster shell (they kind of look like oyster shells) since we didn't want to do any shucking if we didn't have to.  We prepped the butter sauce by mixing two sticks of butter with two sticks of margarine and melting them (not the healthiest thing I have made).  We added Italian seasoning to the mixture as well as three heaping spoonfuls of garlic.

We set the egg up for direct cooking and set the trays on the grate.  We placed about 2-3 oysters per metal tray and filled them with the butter sauce.  I also threw some of the sauce into the fire to bring the flame up around the oysters.  The oysters only took about a minute to cook and were done when they looked inflated and the edges began to split.

Throwing the oysters into the makeshift shells.

The tins filled with the butter sauce.

Flaming the fire by throwing in the butter sauce.

Like I said, this was my favorite cook so far.  The oysters were delicious and I would do them every week if I could get some good oysters in Atlanta.  I don't think I would make any changes but I do feel like I have a better idea of when the oyster is done.  You have to keep a really close eye on them because of how quickly they cook.  I will be doing this again.

We ate them off of the edge of the grill just like this.


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