Tuesday, June 7, 2011

7th Annual Rathbun's BBQ Party

I figured I would post these pictures while this event was fresh on my mind.  For those of you that don't know, Kevin Rathbun is a local Atlanta celebrity chef and also the face of Big Green Egg on the dvd that comes with every egg sold.  So when I heard he would be throwing a BBQ party to celebrate the 7th anniversary of the opening of his restaurant (cleverly named Rathbuns), I knew I had to attend.

The event was held this past Sunday at the restaurant and featured some pretty stellar BBQ.  Most of the food was prepared by Rathbuns but some food was also featured from Fox Bros. BBQ and some other local joints I had never heard of (probably for good reason).  However, the food in general was great.

Our first stop was to the tent with by far the longest line.  Our thinking was that whatever this is has to be amazing and we need to get it before they run out (come to find out the line was non-existent a couple hours later when we were too full to eat anything else, lesson learned).

This is the view of the line we were standing in. 
We are all trying to get to that brown tent to the left of the picture.
 While in line MBH walked over to grab us a couple of beers from the Sweetwater truck and returned to report on what we were waiting for.  Turns out we were waiting on grilled lobster tail and shrimp served with a chorizo butter sauce.  I could not have been more excited.

This is one of the two grill tables full of lobster tail and shrimp.

The lobster was the winner of this event for me. 
The chorizo butter was spectacular.
From there we headed over to the next longest line which lead to some ribs, BBQ chicken, and lamb sliders.  While in line I noticed some food being put out at the Fox Bros tent that no one else had yet noticed.  I slipped over and grabbed two pulled brisket sandwiches(these were the runner-up of the day and I went back twice for more brisket minus the bread).

Pulled brisket from Fox Bros. BBQ.
After enjoying our brisket sandwiches we headed over to grab another Sweetwater IPA and get back in line for the lamb sliders, chicken, and ribs.  All of the food we were waiting for was coming off of this bad boy.  I definitely want one.

Even FIL (formerly FFIL) would be impressed.
Once we got our next plate we got some colder beers and posted up at a standing table to tackle it.  Everything from this stand was great but suffered from the fact that I had two of the best foods right before I had this.  The ribs were the best of the group.  The lamb slider had blue cheese in it that would have been amazing if I could have tasted it but it was still good.  I have made better chicken on several occasions.

Ribs, chicken, and lamb slider.

While standing at the table eating, Fox Bros. dumped a fresh batch of their BBQ wings.  These are by far the best BBQ wings in Atlanta and I make sure I get them whenever I go to Fox Bros.  So as soon as I saw these I knew I had to get some fresh ones and piled them on.

I ended up grabbing a plate of these to go on the way out too.

The entire time, there were two lambs cooking rotisserie style.  They didn't pull these off until later in the event and somehow I missed it (might have been at one of the open bars).

Live music!
Our last trip to the food (besides the unnecessary desert table) is pictured below.  I grabbed some more of Fox Bros. pulled brisket and also tried their pulled pork. The corn was deliciously rich and the mac and cheese MBH grabbed was also very nom.  The beans were undercooked so they did not get eaten.

Some Gouda corn mixture, Fox Bros pulled pork,
Fox Bros pulled brisket, and some baked beans.

We were both stuffed about an hour into the event and spent the remaining time at the bars and in the shade listening to the bands (you know the food is good when there are no lines for free alcohol because everyone is waiting to get more food).  All in all, this was a great event and is already on my calendar for next year.  I am getting the itch to do some 'queing myself.