Thursday, May 19, 2011

Redemption Cook: Chicken Fajitas v2

I got a lot of hate mail from a friend about my last set of chicken fajitas because, lets be honest, they were a little too simple for some people.  I have made an effort to document every egg cook I have done on the egg no matter how complex so that I have an archive of what works and what doesn't.  The good part about getting hate mail is that it challenges me to up the complexity of some simple cooks and cook entire meals on the egg instead of just portions. It gives me the opportunity for redemption.

During our Sixo de Mayo celebration we needed something delicious to eat with our fire roasted salsa and margaritas.  I decided that I needed to take another crack at chicken fajitas and it would give me a great opportunity to use my new vegetable grilling pan.  I grabbed red, green, and yellow peppers and an onion from BHFM and MBH defrosted some chicken breasts that I had gotten on sale a few weeks prior.

The onion and peppers were cut up into slices.  The chicken was also cut into smaller pieces and marinated in greek yogurt mixed with taco seasoning.

I had the grill set for direct cooking at 400ยบ with the veggie pan directly on top of the grate.  I put the chicken on first and added the pepper and onion mixture about 5 minutes afterward.  I continued to flip the chicken and veggies with the egg lid open for about 15 minutes until everything looked done.  Salt and pepper were added as it cooked. We cut a few pieces of chicken to make sure they were done throughout and then served.

Marinated chicken on first.

Veggies on next.

Ready to come off.

Served on lettuce as a wrap with a side of margarita!
These were very tasty. In an effort to try to keep it as healthy as possible we ate the fajitas on a large piece of lettuce like a wrap.  We also used the greek yogurt instead of sour cream.  It all worked very well together and I look forward to making these again.