Monday, May 9, 2011

Eggin' Abroad

A few weeks back MBH and I attended a wedding in Grand Bay, Al. The wedding was held at the groom's house (dubbed the playboy mansion by FFIL) where we were also staying.  The groom wanted some grub off the egg for the wedding day lunch for everyone that was there helping him set up so FFIL and I did some butts and wings. Here are some pictures of the cook and the groom's amazing outdoor kitchen setup!

XL built into a granite countertop in the groom's outdoor kitchen!
FFIL manning the egg.

The XL easily fits 3 butts at once for the overnight cook.

Cooked 100 wings on the wedding day!
(This is only 50 of them)

Here is a look at the bar in the house.
I am pretty sure I want my future bar to look a lot like this.

All in all, the wedding was a blast and we got some good food too. (Don't tell the groom but the egged lunch was far better than the catering at the wedding!) Good times.