Thursday, April 14, 2011

Couple-o- 'Zas

As I mentioned before, MBH has been out of town for what seems like 3 months straight now so I decided to fire up the egg for myself. This was another one of those cooks where I was home alone on a lazy Sunday with nothing to do so I decided why not give pizza another go and make sure the BGE still had some life in it.  I went to Publix and grabbed a dough ball that was partially frozen and brought it home to lay out on the counter. I went about my day while it thawed and got to prepping the pizza that evening

Once the dough ball was semi-thawed, I cut it into two pieces and left it to finish thawing and to rise.  I made the sauce the same way we had in the past and left it to simmer while I shaped the dough.  Through my past few attempts, I have gotten much better about shaping and stretching the dough but I am not to the point of tossing it over my head yet (I'm getting there). On one pie I used the sauce, shredded mozzarella, and pepperoni with a dash of oregano.  On the other I used the sauce, shredded mozzarella, garlic, oregano, and basil.

Raw pies ready for the egg.
I decided to get the grill a little hotter than I had used in the past to really try to authenticate the brick oven style cooking done in some Italian kitchens.  I locked in at just around 650º and threw the first pie on the same pizza setup I have used in the past (see below).  Each pie only took about 10 minutes due to the higher temperature I was using and I left them on the parchment paper for the extent of the cook.

This is the setup I use when cooking pizza. 
The plate setter legs lay directly on the fire ring edge.
Because the pizzas were getting done so quickly and the grill was so hot, it was near impossible for me to remove the parchment paper so that the crust could crisp directly on the stone.  For this reason, I will pull back on the temperature next time (probably 550º) and make sure each pie gets a couple minutes directly on the stone.  I like the crust extra crisp on the bottom.  Other than this, the pies were excellent.

The first pie. (upside down?)



  1. those looks so damn good!! Why do you use the BGE feet to separate the pizza stone from teh plate setter? Is that necessary?

  2. They tasted even better then they looked. The reason for using the green feet between the plate setter and the pizza stone is to create an air gap between the two. With the stone directly on the setter, the stone will get too hot and the crust will be done long before the toppings. With this setup they are done at nearly the exact same time. I do it to avoid burning my crust.