Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chicken Kabaaaaaaaaaaabs

It seems like MBH has been on an eternal work/vacation traveling spree for the past month so I have resorted to egging for myself recently.  The weather was absolutely perfect this one evening so I wanted to spend as much time outside as possible. On my ride home I decided that I was craving some kabob action and headed over to the BHFM.  I knew I wanted peppers, onion, and chicken (I am not a mushroom guy but I am sure they would work great on these) so I grabbed a red, yellow, and green pepper and a large white onion as well as a 3 pack of chicken breasts and headed home to become reaquainted with my egg.

I cut the peppers and onions into what resembled large squares.  I cut up two of the breasts (I'll use all 3 next time) into small blocks about the same size as the peppers and onions.  I skewered them trying to seperate the colors as much as possible and then seasoned them with a bit of EVOO and Cavendar's greek seasoning.

I took plenty of pictures to make up for what I have lacked in the past.
(Not to mention this is probably my prettiest cook to date)
I got the grill set for direct cooking at 400º and threw the kabobs directly on the grate.  I rotated every 10 minutes for about 30 minutes.

Although I didn't add any wood to these things they had a distinct smokey flavor that was really delicious.  I ate one that evening and used the rest for lunches.  I will definitely cook this again mainly because MBH is demanding it after seeing the pictures.  Good eats.