Thursday, April 28, 2011


I'll start with apologizing for the lack of posts recently.  I have been gone on far too many trips and vacations and I feel terrible that you people have nothing to read/look at.  A while back I made some ABTs and have not had the time to write it up.  So here it is...

When making pizza the other night I had the bright idea to make some ABTs for the side.  I grabbed some jalapenos, sausage, cream cheese, and bacon at Publix to make some.  With this and the pizza ingredients in my cart I could tell this was going to be a healthy evening.

I cut the jalapenos in half and cored them using my new corer from my pepper rack and corer combo I got recently.

I browned the sausage in a pan and drained it.  I placed it in a bowl with the cream cheese and used a spoon to mix the two together.  After the jalapenos soaked for about 30 mins, I laid them out and filled them with the cream cheese and sausage mixture.

I wrapped the stuffed peppers in bacon using a toothpick to secure it. As discussed in my previous ABT post, I had trouble cooking thick cut bacon completely through so this time I used regular cut bacon.

Since I was trying to get the grill hot for pizza, I left the vents wide open and put the ABTs on as soon as the grill started getting hot.  I used my normal pizza setup but added the grill extender and pepper cooker to the top. As an experiment I placed a few peppers in the cooker and a few directly on the rack.  I let them go for about 20 minutes while the grill came up to pizza temp at 550ish.  I had to flip the ABTs on the rack but did not touch the ones in the pepper rack.  This was nice.  After the 20 mins, I pulled them off and plated them.

These were very tasty. Using the regular cut bacon allowed the bacon to get done thoroughly throughout (tongue twister).  The ABTs on the rack were much easier since I did not have to touch them during the cook and I will use this rack as much as possible in the future.I froze the rest of the ABTs for another night but enjoyed the heck out of these.

Bonus Garlic!!!
I also bought a clove of garlic to throw on the grill from a post I saw on the egghead forums. I cut the top off of the garlic and added olive oil and salt and pepper to it.  I cooked it at the same time as the ABTs and left it on slightly longer until it looked done.  This was very good and as I have mentioned before I have a love affair with garlic and MBH is very jealous.  Luckily she was not home so I walked around with garlic breath proudly for the rest of the day. Yumm-o!