Monday, April 4, 2011

5lb Pork Butt

To this point, all of my pork butts have come from Sams thanks to their very manly 2-pack providing guys everywhere with 14+ lbs of meaty heaven in one giant, vacuum sealed bag. Recently I noticed a pretty awesome sale on 5lb Boston butts at Publix and I had to grab one.  Even though I didn't have any excuse to cook it, I bought one and put it in the freezer.  Recently, several of my friends had expressed to me a desire to come try some of my egged masterpieces (lets be honest, they just like free BBQ) so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and invite them over for another attempt at a pork butt. 

As is usual, I planned to cook the butt over night after we got back from going out with a friend that was in town.  Of course, it turned into a late night so I got the butt on right around 2 am.  MBH pulled up a chair and watched the show.  Listening to her explain me trying to do something as simple as lite the egg was pretty hilarious the next day(I may have had a couple drinks).  However, even in my degraded state I was able to get the egg locked in to temperature fairly easily.

Upon opening the butt I immediately noticed that there was a much less substantial fat cap than I am used to with the Sam's butts.  As you may or may not recall, I did nothing to the fat cap on my first butt cook but did a little trimming on my second.  There was not much to trim on this one so I did nothing to the cap (I am not sure that I will ever trim another fat cap as a little fat and moisture in my butt is the way I prefer it [that sounded gross]). I rubbed the butt with the new DP rub I got from Ace and wrapped it in saran to wait for cook time.

Prepped and ready to go on.
(yes this picture is from right around 2am)

I set the egg up for indirect cooking at 225º and let it cook for just about 8 hours until I got up to check it.  The internal temp was right around 195º so I wrapped it in foil and let it go for one more hour while MBH and I went to get some breakfast.  I pulled it off upon our return with an internal of 205º. and re wrapped it and placed it in the cooler for around 2 hours until it was time to eat. 

This was the best butt yet.  It was very moist and had a very small amount of fat.  People that had tried other butts agreed that this was the best.  I served it with Publix bakery buns and Williamson Bros BBQ sauce.  I was very happy with the result.

These are some of the pulled remnants after everyone had gorged themselves.

I have done my best to document every cook I have tackled on the egg but could not find it in my heart to make a separate post about about a couple of cooks I did this same day since they were way too simple and I didn't take a single picture. 

First, almost immediately after the butt was finished I opened the top and bottom vents and removed the plate setter so that I was set up for direct grilling.  I was able to get the grill up to right around 350º and threw a package of Sam's kielbasa on the egg.  I let it go for about 10 minutes per side and pulled it off and sliced it into small pieces for eating with a toothpick.  This was our appetizer for the butt and everyone had a few pieces.  You can't go wrong with kielbasa.

Secondly, when inviting people over I had also advertised some boudin I got from New Orleans (boudin is a sausage wrapping stuffed with a meat (in this case crawfish), rice, and various veggies).  We had all already eaten and the egg was cranking on its last little bit of charcoal from the overnight cook so I threw them on until some of the sausage packaging had burst.  Usually I would cook this until it had a little bit of char and crunch but with the little heat I had remaining, I was lucky to get them done at all.  Everyone loved the boudin and I am glad I bought a few extra packages when I was in New Orleans.


  1. I love to have yellow mustard with my boudin. Money in the bank, yo!