Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Steak Night: Ribeyes

On a recent trip to the BHFM with an empty stomach (grocery shopping on an empty stomach is never a good idea) I went with a small list but left with far more than I needed.  My goal: to pick up some ground beef for burgers.  The result: I went a little crazy getting a little bit of this and that.  Part of my this and that were some yummy looking ribeyes that were selling for $5.99/lb.  BARGAIN!  The steaks were thin but had some great looking marbling and would be perfect for a little steak night with MBH.

Yes that says $5.15 for both steaks!

To prep the steaks I used the "hot-tub technique" I had read about during one of my various adventures on the internetz.  The technique involves soaking the steaks in a bath of hot water to bring the internal temperature of the steaks up so that a nice quick sear will get the steaks to the perfect internal temp.  I put the steaks in a Ziploc bag and soaked them for about 45mins while I got the grill prepped.  As can be seen below, the "hot tub" got the internal temp of the steaks up to near 95º while I was shooting for an internal temperature of 127º after the sear for medium rare (here is a very nice temperature chart for various types of meat).  After the "hot tub", I added some spicy montreal steak rub to the ribeyes and they were ready for the grill.


Internal temp after "hot tub."

I simply brought the grill up to 650º and cooked the steaks for 90 seconds per side.

Lava! I love when the flames are shooting out of the top of the egg.

The steaks were delicious.  The fatty nature of the ribeyes make them very tasty.  The steaks were thin but were the perfect amount for MBH and I.  I will attempt to do a nice thick ribeye in the future.  MBH complained that hers was too fatty but what does she know (hers did have a nice big piece of fat holding it together).  In all, it was a nice, simple, delicious meal.


  1. I believe the "hot tub" technique is based on the sous vide technique where you vacuum seal the meat and surround it with a constanta temperature liquid. Great way to get a very even cooking throughout.

  2. Good to know. Worked very well in this application. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to get my internal temp that high before I put the steaks on the grill so I let them rest for a couple minutes before going on.