Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Restaurant Review: Drago's Seafood, New Orleans

Drago's Seafood Restaurant has long been one of my favorite restaurants in the country.  I grew up in New Orleans and the original location in Fat City (in Metairie) was a staple of our special occasion dining.  The restaurant has now expanded to a prime location in the Hilton Riverwalk Downtown.  This is the location I most recently dined in.

MBH and I decided we wanted to do our bachelor/bachelorette weekend in the city we both love.  We brought about 25 people with us from all over the country to celebrate and decided to do a nice large group dinner on Friday night at Drago's.  The restaurant was very accommodating and sat us relatively quickly in 3 large group tables.  I was impressed.

When seated we quickly ordered the food that put Drago's on the culinary map, charbroiled oysters.  The oysters are shucked and left on the half-shell.  A butter sauce, garlic, Parmesan, and other deliciousness is applied to the oyster before it it thrown on a very hot grill.  The grill uses the hot flare-ups to cook the oyster.  The oysters are plated and then covered in more sauce and served with crunchy french bread.  The bread is perfect for eating the oysters with and dipping in the extra sauce. NOM! After a few dozen of these things you are guaranteed to be swimming in butter and contract a nasty case of the itis.

This brings me to why I would write about this place on a BGE blog.  Well, before this particular trip and actually one of the first times we cooked on FFIL's BGE, we discussed attempting to recreate Drago's charbroiled oysters.  We decided that many factors will have to fall into place to make this happen.  First, we would need access to some good oysters which are hard to come by in Atlanta. Second, this cook would require a special occasion (this is no Tuesday night cook).  And third, we would have to dedicate ourselves to a thorough cleaning of whichever egg we used for the cook as this would make a huge mess.  However, it is still in our pocket and on my todo list.  I even have the recipe shared by Drago Cvitanovich himself here.

Back to our meal, on this particular trip we also indulged in the Crab Meat Au Gratin which is nearly a meal in itself.  It is of course lump crab meat served au gratin style with tortilla chips.  It is absolutely amazing and if not for the charbroiled oysters this could have been the star of the meal. 

As we planned to embark on a night of debauchery, we decided to keep it light on this trip.  Everything was amazing and I enjoy this place every time I go.  The food is so good and rich that we can only go to Drago's once every other trip to NOLA (at least that is what we tell ourselves).  FFIL and I will be attempting the charbroiled oysters on the egg as soon as we can and we can only hope they are half as good as Drago's.

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