Friday, March 18, 2011

Redemption: Tuna Steaks v2

So over the past few weeks my most commented on post by people in passing is the tuna steak post.  Everyone is determined to tell me how badly I cooked them the first time around and I was the first to point that fact out.  Since that post, I have been dying to get some redemption by doing another tuna steak cook so I jumped at the opportunity when MBH mentioned it.  I swung by BHFM and grabbed a two pack of t-steaks since the individuals I got last time were too big for both of us. 

MBH put together a nice marinade from a recipe by Bobby Flay and we let the fishies swim for about 30 minutes. 

I got the egg to 500º after a brief spike of up to 800º to test the new charcoal I am using (more on that to come in a product review post).  I placed the tuna near the center of the grate where the coals were the hottest.  I cooked them for 90 seconds per side and pulled them off to rest.

The tuna will continue to cook a bit while resting.
These bad boys were perfect.  I dipped mine in soy sauce and enjoyed the heck out of it. They had the nice red/pink medium rare color I was looking for and the flavor from the marinade made them pop. 

Served with some spaghetti squash, these things were perfect.
Eat your heart out haters!

We enjoyed the fish with a nice, cheap Tempranillo/Shiraz mix
cleverly named Tempra Tantrum.