Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chicken Fajitas

As I mentioned before, MBH and I try to eat as healthy as possible when we are cooking for ourselves at home and, because of this, I feel almost obligated to pick up a package of chicken breasts from whatever store I happen to be shopping in.  There is now no question as to how the breasts will be cooked, the challenge is thinking up creative ways to to prepare the breasts as to not get bored.  On this occasion I went into it with no plans an decided to go sans marinade or any seasoning and just throw the breasts on.  I am glad I did because these breasts turned in to some fantastic fajitas.


The grill was setup at 400┬║ for direct cooking.  The breasts were flipped after 15 minutes and done after 30.

I always cut the largest breast to check for doneness.
(In this case it looks like I was a little cut happy.)
 I grabbed a package of pre-cut frozen veggies because we were feeling lazy and under a time crunch.  I sauteed them on the stove with garlic and an onion and added the egged chicken after slicing it thin.   I then added taco seasoning and water and let the mixture simmer.  Using some tortillas and the normal fixins I made some pretty tasty chicken fajitas.

These things were really good and very simple.  The next time I would use the fajita seasoning instead of the taco seasoning and I would serve them with this fire roasted salsa recipe I just learned about. NOM!

Add a little cheese, salsa, and sour cream and welcome to flavor country.