Friday, March 25, 2011

Buffalo Chicken Wangs

FFIL has mastered the art of chicken wings and he is infamous among my friends as the wing-man (He would probably make a good wing-man in both meanings of the phrase).  As I still consider myself a newbie in the eggin/grillin world, I aspire to become as mastered in wing making as FFIL.  The first step in this long journey was my very first wing cook.  On my previous trip to BHFM I grabbed a package of untrimmed chicken wings and headed home to do some research.  In my reading I learned of a wing rack tool that makes wing cooking very simple (simplicity is what I need to be competitive with FFIL).  The wings hang in the rack by placing the tip under the middle bar preventing the need to flip the wings throughout the cook (I'll take a picture of the setup next time I do wings).  I grabbed two of these bad boys from Ace hardware so that I could make the wings for MBH's surprise party and not have to keep an eye on them every 20 minutes.

I lightly rubbed the wings with DP Raging River rub and placed the wings into the egg.  Prep was simple.

I cooked the wings indirect for an hour and twenty minutes.  I only used one of the racks for the test run (I would have brought the other back if it did not meet expectations) so I had three wings sitting on the grid that I flipped every 20 minutes.  Not having to flip the wings at all is going to be great.

After pulling the wings off, I lightly tossed them in Frank's wing sauce and served.  The wings were delicious and even had some leftover the next day. Next time I will try to do some drumsticks with the wings to mix it up.  I will also use both racks instead of having wings laying on the grid needing to be flipped.  Simple and delicious.  I will do these again soon.

This picture makes me want to make more wings.