Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Atomic Buffalo Turds: ABTs

Atomic Buffalo Turds (ABTs) are a staple appetizer for Big Green Egg users everywhere. The recipe for ABTs actually comes with every BGE sold in the owner's manual/cookbook. I have been wanting to cook these for a while and never had a good reason to, but as described in my previous post, we threw a surprise party for MBH and it was the perfect venue for me to give ABTs a shot. Upon placing them on the egg, @iheartthehulk immediately dubbed them spicy rat toes after the popular appetizer at the local restaurant Six Feet Under. Spicy rat toes are very spicy jalapeno peppers stuffed with cheese and shrimp wrapped in bacon.  I tried to keep mine a little less spicy for the masses and I didn't have any shrimp handy so I used sausage (after having both, I think I prefer mine unless I have plenty of cold beer handy to put out the fire).

In preparation for the cook I picked up about 24 fresh jalapenos of various sizes from the BHFM, 2 packages of cream cheese and a roll of spicy sausage from Publix, and on my most recent Sams trip I picked up a large package of thick cut bacon.

I cut the stems off of the jalapenos and halved them.  I cleaned out all of the seeds and interior junk and threw the halves into ice water to cool the heat off for some of the weaker party attendees.

Halfing and de-seeding the 'penos.
 The next step was browning the sausage in a pan with olive oil until sufficiently cooked.

Browning the sausage.
 Next, I added the sausage and a package and a half of softened cream cheese to a mixing bowl.  I mixed the two together until the mixture looked like a giant dirty snowball.  After letting the jalapenos soak for about 45 minutes I pulled them out of the ice water and stuffed them with the sausage mixture.  I wrapped each half in bacon and used a toothpick to secure it to the pepper.

I still had the grill setup from the indirect cooking I used for the ribs and I opened the vents to get the grill up closer to 350┬║.  I placed as many ABTs over the plate setter as possible with a few stragglers over the edge getting direct heat.  After about 15 minutes, I flipped the ABTs and let them go for another 15 minutes.  Upon checking them, the ABTs near the edge that were getting direct heat were done and I pulled them off.  The ABTs toward the center were less done so I moved them out towards the edges for another 20 minutes before pulling them off.

These things were delicious.  They went very quickly and I got a ton of compliments.  They had the perfect amount of heat and the bacon was done perfectly (I noticed that the bacon on the ABTs that came off earlier was a little less done but this was not the case on later ABTs, nice-n-crispy).  Next time I would use the grill extender to do two levels of ABTs toward the center of the grill for the first 30 minutes before transferring them to the edges to get more direct heat.  I would also consider using regular cut bacon instead of thick cut so that the interior bacon gets done more quickly

I failed to take any finished pictures of the ABTs prior to them being consumed in all of the madness but here is a picture I borrowed from the Internet to give you an idea of what they looked like completed.

Likeness of what I made except I used single jalapeno halves instead of two halves as pictured.


  1. I bet you could use poblanos or even onions or green peppers if you didnt want the atomic-ness of the jalepenos. They sound awesome the way they are though!

  2. Between the spicy sausage and the jalapenos, there was a bit of spice but not as much as if I hadn't soaked the 'penos. I think a 20 minute soak would give me the spice I would like but we had some Northerners at the party that might not appreciate that kind of heat.

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