Friday, February 4, 2011

What are ya...Chicken?: BBQ Chicken Breasts

After the nights steak cook, the grill was still hot and I had some chicken that needed to be cooked.  The chicken breasts had not been marinated but were defrosted in the fridge so I had to come up with something fairly quick.  I puled the breasts out and rubbed them with Cavendar's greek seasoning (that sentence was borderline X-rated). I threw them on the grill at 400º and came back 15 minutes later to brush the chicken breasts with Williamson Bros BBQ sauce.  I flipped the breasts and brushed them with some more BBQ and closed the lid.  I came back in 15 minutes and checked the chicken for doneness by cutting into the largest breast.  They were done so I gave them one final rub down and brought them inside.

I used these for work lunches for the week and they were fantastic.  I would definitely cook these again  and soon.  I usually bring chicken to work for lunch but rarely do they have as much flavor as these had.  Success.