Monday, February 7, 2011

That Which Cannot be Named: Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Pork Loin

When FFIL first mentioned this idea to me several things went through my head, the first of which was what will I call this thing when I write about it.  The second thing I thought was what the hell is this thing going to taste like. Here is the idea:
  • Butterfly a pork loin
  • Place buffalo chicken and blue cheese in the center
  • Re-assemble loin
  • Cook and eat
So the first thing we did was get the loin together and this was no easy task.

The chicken was seared with some onions and garlic on the stove top and then tossed in Frank's buffalo wing sauce.  The chicken was cut fairly small and was spread over the butterflied loin.  We used a blue jack cheese (which I had never heard of) to top the chicken.  We then tried to re-tie our overstuffed loin.  I wish we would have videoed this portion of the prep.  Imagine two guys rolling up an overstuffed loin and trying to tie it, all the while re-stuffing the loin with the chicken that would fall out of the ends.  When one of us would re-stuff the loin, the chicken stuffing would come out the other end.  This went on for several minutes and probably could have been a part of any Three Stooges episode. Finally we got it tied up after we made a bit of a mess.  We covered the outside of the loin with some Hidden Valley ranch seasoning and took the log-o-delicious straight to the BGE.

We did this cook on FFIL's XL BGE in Conyers. I got the egg up to 450º and did a 4 sided sear on the loin (about 1 minute on each side).  We pulled it off and let it rest for a few minutes while I brought the temperature of the egg down to around 325º. We left the egg setup for direct cooking with loin now resting on the v-rack.  We let it cook until the internal temperature reached 145º which took a little over 1 hour.  We brought it back in to try to figure out what we had just created.

This thing was very interesting.  The flavors were all over the place but worked very well with each other.  The pork was very juicy and moist and the chicken was very flavorful.  It was hard to taste the cheese we used and I actually ended up adding some blue cheese dressing to my piece.  Very tasty and very filling.  We had over half of this bad boy left over when finished.  The girls had some interesting opinions on it but I noticed that each of them had a clean plate in the end. The leftovers lasted me all week and I was more than sick of it by the time I finished it.


  1. sounds like the classical situation of, "I like pork loin. I like buffalo chicken. Then I obviously would like them combined together!"

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