Friday, February 4, 2011

Raisin' the Steaks: NY Strip Steaks

This had to be one of my favorite cooks yet (mostly due to the extreme temperatures I was able to get the BGE up to and boy do I love me some fire).  I had had a craving for steaks since I got the egg but steak just seemed so easy and meh compared to the other craziness I had been cooking.  Yet, it was time to raise the steaks (I did not come up with this clever catch phrase, it is actually the name of a steak rub I want to try). I got some nice NY Strips at Publix on sale. SCOOP! I brought them home and let them rest outside the fridge for a while until the steaks were room temperature (this is something I am not used to doing but read several different places that it increases the tenderness of the steak when cooked). After resting them I began prepping them.

I rubbed the steaks with salt, pepper, and garlic salt when MBH surprised me by coming home with some Montreal Steaks Spice Rub.  I added some of this to the steaks and headed off to get the grill going.
The steaks after rubbing. They greyed a little from being at room temperature for a bit too long (no harm done).
When going for high temps I usually light the grill in several spots to ensure the grill gets hot quicker.  After lighting, I placed the grate on to heat and left the vent open and the daisy wheel off.  I was shooting for 750º and when i came back I was almost there (725º) and a little bit of a surprise...
Flames were shooting out of the top of the egg and the temp was right around 725º.
When it got up to 750º I burped the egg to prevent flashback and threw the steaks on to sear for 90 seconds on each side.  I left the lid open during searing...
At 750º the lump begins to look like lava.
After the sear, the steaks were allowed to rest for 20 minutes.  In this time I threw the rain cap on the egg and shut the bottom vent to get it to cool to right around 400º.  After the rest period and egg cooling, I threw the steaks on the BGE for 5 minutes on each side (I left MBH's steak on for an extra minute since she doesn't understand that good cuts of meat are best eaten slightly pink).  I pulled the steaks off and let them rest a few more minutes while the other food was plated.

This was one of the best steaks i have ever eaten.  It was perfectly done and seared to perfection.  The Montreal steaks rub was very tasty and definitely had a kick of spice after each bite.  The spaghetti squash and broccoli we served it with rounded out this perfect meal. 

The food was plentiful and I was stuffed so i did not finish my steak that night.  I instead reheated it and had it for breakfast with eggs and toast the next morning.
Wish I could have this for breakfast everyday.


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