Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Toys

So from my limited cooking experiences to this point I have already learned a few lessons and have begun to acquire some new tools of the trade and gotten some new toys to make life easier. Here are a few of the new toys and upgrades.

I do a majority of my cooking for dinner and during this time of year it is mostly dark by 6pm so I invested in a handy grill light.  It mounts on the back of the table, can be positioned to face whatever needs light at the moment, and is weather resistant (believe me, it has been tested).  I have an overhead light on my deck and a mag light I carry around with me while cooking but this little LED light is perfect for taking a look at the food on the grill as I can get it right inside the lid when it is open or snake it around to see the temp gage on the front of the egg.
You can kind of notice my storage box behind the egg.

MBH is a strong believer that no part of my grilling equipment should be anywhere near inside of the house.  So I came up with some nifty storage ideas including hooks for my grilling tools (a sweet gift set I got from FFIL for Christmas) and a storage "box" for all of my extraneous accessories, lump, and wood chips/chunks.  Also note the bottle opener for the grilling beers.  As can be seen, the set came with more tools than I realized so I will be adding another set of hooks to the other side of the table.

One of my least favorite parts about cooking in the winter is making the trek outside to check on the grill temperature and food temp.  I was also pretty convinced after my last brisket that my probe thermometer was a POS.  So I got a Maverick ET 732.  This bad boy has two probes so that you can simultaneously check the temperature at the cooking surface and the temperature of the meat you are cooking.  The best part is that it comes with a remote receiver so that I can keep an eye on both from the comfort of my couch.  You can also set alarms for if the grill temp gets too high or low and if the meat gets to the temperature you desire. I highly recommend this thing.

One future upgrade I hope to make would be to add a 2' X 2' granite piece to the right side of my table. This would serve both as a much needed cooking surface where I can do some prep work and an area I can set hot metal on without scarring my table.