Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Lone 'Za: Nana's Pizza

Two days after my first pizza cook and few lessons learned under my belt, I was dying to get my hands on some more pizza dough.  I was home alone (MBH was on travel) and I knew making pizza for myself was a big ordeal but I decided it must be done.  I rushed out to publix to see if they had any defrosted dough balls and to my elation they did!  I grabbed two dough balls and headed home.  I immediately cut one of the balls in half and threw the other in the freezer.  I let the dough rest and pulled the pizza sauce out.  (We had a good bit of sauce left from the first cook since we had doubled the recipe.)  I cut some fresh oregano and basil and used minced garlic for this pie.  (I love garlic and could eat tons of it. MBH despises the way it makes my breathe smell so I added extra to this pie since she was out of town.)

I reheated the sauce we made for the first cook.  After the cut dough was allowed to rest for 2 hours I began to shape it on the parchment paper.  I did the dough a little thicker than I had in the past to avoid toppings jeopardizing my pizza's structural integrity (engineer speak for keeping my pizza from falling apart). I added the toppings to the pie (I decided to go with two Nana's pizzas with a little extra garlic on each) and got the grill going.

Prepped pie... mmmmm garlic!

In my previous attempt I had only gotten the BGE up to 500ish.  This time I was going all out and got the egg up to 625ish.  I used the same setup as my first cook and threw the pizzas on one at a time.  This time, they only took about 10 minutes and came out perfectly.  I left the za on the parchment paper throughout the cook and slid them off of the paper onto the cutting board when finished.

The thicker crust and higher temps made this pizza the shiz.  The crust had the perfect crisp to it.  I have not had a better pizza in any restaurant in town.  I had tons of pizza left over and spent the entire week eating pizza.  I was in heaven...