Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You're gonna like my butt, I guarantee it - 7lb Pork Butt

Even before the inaugural cook and even during the table build I was developing the "itch".  The "itch" is a desire from deep within to cook a massive piece of animal flesh for long time. The "itch" is something that only men can experience and have been experiencing since the beginning of time. The "itch" had consumed me...

So there I was with the day off for New Years Eve (NYE) one day after the egg was assembled and ready to test this smoker.  I decided that I would go to meat heaven (Sam's Club) and get a pork butt.  (FUN FACT: A pork butt is actually a pork shoulder.) Upon scouring the massive amounts of meat, I found the pork butt and to my surprise they were sold in two-packs. SCOOP! So I grabbed a package containing two 7lb butts and headed home to prep it.

Before I describe the process I must preface with the story of the evening.  I started to prep and cook the butt around 6pm NYE with a plan to eat it around 2pm New Years Day (NYD).  Our plans for NYE evening included a trip to the luxurious Buckhead Saloon for an all you can eat/all you can drink fiesta.  In typical fashion we partied and partied hard all night while giggling about tasting/eating my butt the next day.  MBH was over-served and barking orders making the night all the more eventful.  I finally got the group home via a cabbie named Leroy (MBH insisted he be called La'ron) and hit the sack around 3am. After what seemed like 5 minutes, I proceeded to get up at 7 am and remove the butt from the grill, wrap it in foil, and return it to the grill all in sub-freezing conditions.  The rest of the group was unseen until around 1pm and most wanted little to do with eating.  Needless to say there was plenty of butt left over...

Open double butt package.  Wrap one in saran wrap and place in freezer.  Trim second butt of about half of the fat cap.  Rub thoroughly with Grillmates Pork Rub and wrap in saran wrap.  Place in fridge until ready to cook.

I filled the egg with charcoal to just above the fire ring making sure there was decent airflow through the coals. I lit the grill and preheated to 225.  Used 2 large handfuls of soaked hickory chips piled toward the center of the fire. Placed the place setter legs up in the grill with the stainless steel grate resting on the legs.  I placed a drip pan on the center of the grate and placed the v-rack directly over it.  I then set the butt on the rack with the fat facing up (this is so that the fat juice cook down into the butt).  With the grill locked in at 225, I let it cook over night for 12hours. After the 12 hours, I took the butt off and covered it in foil and cooked for an additional 3 hours letting the temperature creep up to around 300.  At this point the butt was taken off and placed in a cooler with towels to stay warm until it was time to eat.

The butt is done when it is beginning to look shriveled and the bone moves freely as if it can be pulled clean out of the butt.  I pulled the butt with 2 forks and served with Publix bakery hamburger buns and Williamson brothers BBQ sauce. The bone came out very clean and there was a little bit of fat mixed in with the pulled meat.  FFIL says that there should be not fat when the butt is done but I enjoyed the extra flavor the little bit of fat added. All in all it was very good and everyone who was capable of eating loved it...

7 lbs is a ton of pork.  Made 3 plates and I was eating it as leftovers for 2 weeks.


  1. Having some extra fat on the meat helps it keep its moisture as you pull it apart. Its also delicious.

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