Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let's table this discussion

Upon purchased of my BGE, MBH's dad aka my future father-in-law(FFIL) and I were discussing the best way to mount the egg for optimum cooking.  BGE has a variety of options including these neat little rolling wheels that the egg sits on cleverly called a nest and fancy wood tables that the egg rests in and has a prep surface off to the side.  While both seem like viable options, each had their own flaws. When studying the nest, I noticed that the small casters on the bottom would be of little use on my 18th century deck.  So there it was I was settled on the table until I saw the price tag.  $300-400 for 4 legs and two shelves?! What a conundrum (yes I just used the word conundrum)!

FFIL, being a man of many skills, suggests that we embark on an adventure of great magnitude and build our own table.  HOOZA! The perfect solution...except I know nothing of wood working.  "Nay" said FFIL "it will be done." And so it began...

Phase 1: All of the wood was cut to size and framing/planking the bottom shelf. 

Phase 2: The top shelf was framed and both shelves were attached to the legs.
Phase 3:  The planks were added to the top shelf and the hole for the egg was cut.
Phase 4: After furiously sanding the wood, two coats of red wood stain were applied as well as one coat of sealant.

Phase 5: The wheels were added and the BGE was assembled.  Note: The egg sits on a landscaping stone to prevent burning the wood on the bottom shelf. Also Note: 18th century deck and dirty Buzz mat.

Future upgrades include but are not limited to, light for grilling at night, bottle opener for grill time beer, and hooks for grilling tools aka man toys.  This table was loosely based upon plans provided by BGE. Exterior dimensions were used so that the cover made for the large BGE table would fit the table we built.  In the end, perfection was achieved.