Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Inaugural Cook: 80/20 Ranch Burgers

The very first cook remains somewhat of a blur to me*.  It was the Thursday night before New Year's Eve shortly after FFIL and I had finished the egg assembly and install.  We decided to break in this egg with something we were sure was going to be easy and delicious, the last thing you want is the inaugural cook to be something bland and forgettable.  For this reason we decided to do some 80/20 ranch burgers with some onion cooked into them. 

Prep was simple- mix ground beef, onions, and ranch mix. Make something that resembles a patty.

Cracked a beer and saluted the egg for its inaugural cook. We lit the egg and got it up to around 400º.  Threw the burgers on and from what I remember we did about 8-10 minutes on each side. 

The burgers were delicious and went well with the asparagus we seasoned in olive oil, salt and pepper and threw on the grill after the burgers were done.  We drank more than our fair share of wine (3 bottles from what I remember) and called it a night.  The first cook had gone down in the history books as a success.  

*As I mentioned above, the whole cook was a blur due to the quick prep time and giddiness I was experiencing from finally having the egg together.  For this reason I failed miserably at taking any pictures of the cook.  :(


  1. Did you cook with the lid closed or open?

  2. A combo, closed right when we threw them on and after the flip but open a few minutes before the flip and before the finish.