Friday, January 21, 2011

Chicken v. Itis: Italian Chicken Breasts

Shortly after our Saturday night rib feast, just when the itis (that tired feeling you get when you bombard your stomach with filling foods) was starting to set in and I had just gotten a cold beer and made myself a warm spot on the couch, MBH reminded me that we had some chicken breasts that needed to be cooked or frozen.  Since the egg was still at temp and I had yet to cook anything inedible, MBH let me throw them on the egg.

The chickens had been marinating in Italian dressing for several hours and placed in the fridge.

The egg was already at 250º from the rib cook and there were still some coals lit, I opened up both vents on the egg and went back to finish my beer.  Upon my return, the egg was right around 325º and I threw the chickens on on the grate (Lambda rack removed) with the egg still set for indirect heat.  Usually when we do chicken breasts in the oven we do 20 minutes at 350º.  Therefore, I checked the chicken after 20 minutes and every 10 minutes thereafter.  After about 40 minutes, the breasts looked done and I cut into the two largest to check for doneness.  Perfectly cooked white meat.

Next time I would definitely get the grill temp up a little higher before throwing the breasts on and/or set the grill for direct heat.  40 minutes to cook 6 breasts was a little ridiculous.  Upon tasting them, I decided I would definitely do this again.  The chicken was awesome with a slight smokey flavor from the leftover wood chips still in the egg.  The Italian dressing was an excellent marinade and made the chicken pop.  We ate these for lunches for the next week and I made a pimp chicken club (Chicken breast on a bun with bacon, cheese, and ranch).  I failed to take any pictures (the itis rules my life sometimes) but the chicken looked just like any grilled chicken breast.  Good Stuff.